Season 4 Ep. 9: How to Spend an Hour

Welcome back to a new year of discipleship! In this first episode of 2019, Nate and Aaron are joined by very special Guest Michelle Simmons, as they discuss how to intentionally and effectively spend an hour during discipleship.

Season 4 Ep. 8: We Will Not Have Every Answer

In this episode, Aaron and Nate talk about what to do in discipleship when you don’t know what to say. Aaron also explains the importance of simply being present.

Season 4 Ep. 7: The Pitfalls of Discipleship

In this episode, Aaron and Nate talk about some of the pitfalls within discipleship that can come up after a few months of discipleship such as entitlement and the need to be needed.

Season 4 Ep. 6: Leading with Grace

In this episode, Aaron and Nate talk about how to lead those we disciple towards Jesus rather than just leading them away from bad behavior.

Season 4 Ep. 5: Getting Good Feedback

It is always an awkward question to ask if you’re doing at good job at discipleship to the people you actually disciple. In this episode, Aaron talks about the importance of feedback and practical ways to make sure you get the feedback you need.

Season 4 Ep. 4: Vampires, Ghosts and Unicorns

You have heard of vampires, ghosts and unicorns before, but have you ever thought of them in the context of discipleship? (Probably not.) In this episode, Aaron discusses how these three mythological creatures relate to our weekly discipleship meetings and the importance of community.

Season 4 Ep. 1: Begin as You Want to Go

In this year's first discipleship podcast, Aaron Vickroy gives practical ways to begin your year of discipleship in the direction that you want it to grow. 

Episode 46: The Five Elements - Wrap Up

In this wrap-up discussion of the Five Elements of Discipleship, Aaron explains how each of the five elements work together in the context of a discipleship meeting.