“Every area in your thinking that glistens with hope in God is an area which is being liberated by Christ. But any system of thinking that does not have hope, which feels hopeless, is a stronghold which must be pulled down.”  - Francis Frangipane 

Hope is our greatest but most underused tool as Christians. 

We can be chronically bad hope-ers. 

It is all too easy to give in to the world’s gravitational pull of despair. 

But we know that Christ came to turn the tables, flip the script, tear the veil and reveal a kingdom - a kingdom glistening with hope. 

We live in the chasm between these two realities: 1. A crippled world 2. A glorious savior

It is hard to keep the faith. It is hard to fight unbelief. It is hard to remain in love. 

Hope is there when our other friends (faith, belief, love) fail.  

We may have lost all faith, but we can hope for faith again.
We may forget why we believe what we believe, but we can hope for belief again.
We may feel as though our love has run out, but we can hope to love again. 

It is truly the anchor of the soul (Hebrews 6:19). 

But hope is also the imagination of the soul. 

With hope, we get to dream with God about what every circumstance in our life could be. 

I love what Frangipane recommends - that every area of our lives glistens with hope. 

There are situations, strongholds, and stories that circle my mind daily without a glimmer of this hope. 

As Christians, we get to talk to Jesus about these areas. We get to ask Him to introduce His cosmic hope into these desperate worlds we bear. 

We also get to remember the places of the past that are now glistening with hope.

Where has Christ brought you from death to life? Where has His divine dream become reality in your life?

Reflect, remember and realize - He can do the same, He will do the same for whatever desperate circumstance tempts you to forsake hope. 

A few years ago I was wrestling with hopelessness and unbelief, but God gave me a word through prayer and journaling. 

I believe this is what our good God speaks over our desperation: 

"You are and you are becoming more than you can imagine. Your desires pile to the skies but I am giving you the galaxies. The horizon tells of my love and the starts of my power. I may be a matter of mystery but that doesn’t mean I don’t mend. I may demand what grieves you but rest assured I will give. Hold fast to my joy, hold fast to my peace. They may be moments but measure them with infinite scales. For when you exclaim “Alright, already!” I sing over you - Yes you are alright already, but not yet too."

Lord, forgive me for the places in my life where I have given up hope. Reintroduce hope into these areas. I ask for a great hope, a glistening vision of the future. Thank you for making that possible. Amen. 

Author | Claire Jordan