We can’t physically see God.  We don’t know what he’ll do next.  We can’t see his facial expressions.  So why would we trust this God that we can’t see?

Our ability to trust God comes from his character.  We can trust him because he is always who he says he is.  In Exodus 3, Moses asks God what his name is, and God replies, “I am who I am” aka Yahweh.  Then in verse 15 God says, “This is my eternal name, my name to remember for all generations.”  How cool is that? God identifies himself by his character and he tells Moses that he will remain the same for all generations.  God’s identity never changes.  He is always the same.  

Trusting God isn’t always easy, so don’t be frustrated when you feel like you can’t trust him.  Trust comes out of relationship.  The more you get to know him, the more you will trust him.  There are so many ways to get to know God, but one that I want to spend time talking about is the bible.  We established that God’s character never changes, so he is the same God now as he was in the bible.  We have a whole book to tell us who God is and why he is trustworthy!

There are countless stories in the bible about God keeping his promises.  God makes promises to people throughout the bible that seem impossible by human standards, and a lot of times the people don’t even believe that God will keep his promise.  And yet God comes through.  every. single. time.  

God’s character is not dependent on if we trust him or not.  He’s still the same, good Father.  In Luke 1, Zechariah and Elizabeth are very old and have been unable to have a child.  An angel comes to Zechariah and tells him that they will have a son and they should name him John.  Zechariah immediately doubts this promise.  He asks the angel how this could be because he and Elizabeth were very old.  Nevertheless, God fulfills his promise and they have a son.  

God isn’t afraid of your doubt.  

Your lack of trust doesn’t affect God’s trustworthiness.  

He remains the same.  

I think God knows how hard it is for us to trust him sometimes.  I think that’s one of the reasons he gave us Jesus.  Jesus is God in human form.  If you want to know more about God’s character, just look at Jesus.  I would challenge you to read through the four gospels and really pay attention to who Jesus is.  After every story that you read, write down what it reveals about Jesus’s character.  And guess what, all those things you know to be true about Jesus are true about God because Jesus is a mirror image of his Father.  

How would you live differently if you truly believed God for who he is?

What if you trusted that he wants to give you good things, rejoices when you rejoice, weeps with you when you’re sad, loves you deeply at all times, is healer, is provider, is who he is, always God is patiently waiting for you to come to him.

Yahweh has fulfilled promises generations before us, and he will continue to come through for generations to come because that’s who he is.

We trust because of who God is.

Author | Sam Forbes