Imagine yourself, sitting on the porch of a tiny cabin that’s kind of old but still miraculously in pristine condition.  This cabin is nestled in between two mountains covered by the most green grass.  The weather is the perfect combination of brisk fall air and a warm breeze on your face.  There’s music playing ever so slightly in the background, birds are chirping, and in your hand is a warm cup of coffee with a splash of creamer. 

Welcome to my secret place with Jesus.

Finding this place was not easy. It was not neat and tidy.  It looked like taking time to write a letter to myself from God, sitting in a Cuban hotel, trying to practice hearing His voice, and being okay with Him calling things out in me that were not on my list of favorites. 

The first thing I think we have to understand is that no one has to have the same secret place.  It can be as unique and different as every person you’ve ever met. It also doesn’t have to be a physical place, unless it is easier for you to speak to God when He feels more like a human. 

It is also so important to remember that God can present himself in three very distinct ways:

God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

 Though all full of love and mimicking the same characteristics, we can find comfort in knowing that we can approach each part of the trinity in a different way.  

For me, it looks like approaching God as an extremely wise grandpa who has so much to teach me, so much knowledge to share, and a lap for me to crawl into when I am afraid.

When I am approaching Jesus, I come back to the cabin and I am welcomed in by a loving father who reminds me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me, but He also calls out things in my life that are both good and bad.  My favorite thing that He does is give me things to help me in the season of my life that I am in.

When I approach the Holy Spirit, it is in extreme reverence and I feel as if I am never worthy enough to enter His presence, but He forever reminds me how worthy I am by calling out gifts in me and teaching me how to use them. The Holy Spirit is a nurturer.  

“You made a way for me to enter the holy place”

I think the most important thing for us to remember is that there was not always access to the spirit of God.  By Jesus dying on the cross, the veil being torn, He made a way.  We can now enter into the Holy of Holies whenever we want to or need to.  

We can ask to hear God’s voice every day.  Sometimes this looks like going to a physical place, like the cabin, and sitting down with Jesus for a conversation. Or sometimes, it might look like sitting completely still and quiet and just listening. Sometimes, it looks like getting completely lost in worship.  Sometimes, it feel like getting hit by a ton of bricks during a message.  Whatever it may be, I only have one prayer for you: that you would find your secret place and you would visit often.  God really loves when you do. 

Author | Morgan Attebery