God’s truth is a remedy for the lies that get stuck in our heads; the lies that satan whispers to us when we're scared. And one of those lies is this: "the brokenness that I see in my family will always be there.”

Family is one of the greatest gifts that we have in this life, but for many of us, its also one of the areas of our lives that is the hardest to hope for. Read 1 Corinthians 13 and pay specific attention to verse 7: “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.”


The brokenness that you see in your family doesn’t stand a chance against the God of Creation and the hope that you have in him to bring restoration to your loved ones.

And why do we have hope? We have hope because we’ve seen Him move in our own lives.

At one time, we were far away from God (Eph 2:3), but through miracles he brought us into relationship with him and now we get to live in the abundance of His kingdom.

If he can do that for us, who’s to say he can’t do that for your brother? your sister? your mom? your dad? He can do it and he will do it through our prayers. God’s heart is for all of us to walk in relationship with him, and that includes every single person in your family (1 Tim 2:3-4).

So don’t give up when you haven’t seen fruit yet. Keep praying.

“Love believes all things."

Don’t give up when you see setbacks in their lives, because there were setbacks in you coming to know God, too. “Love endures all things."

Don’t give up when they hurt you or let you down. God will not give up on them. Press on and continue to love them. "Love bears all things.”

And never give up the hope you have for their FULL restoration. Love hopes all things.


God we pray for the courage to believe that you will restore the brokenness in our families. We pray that you would help our unbelief when its hard for us to have hope. We pray that you would protect our families and that you would draw them into your heart. We pray that they would know you in the same way that we have come to know you. We pray for full restoration in our families. Amen.


Author | Devon Radford