In Deuteronomy 31:8, God is preparing to lead the Israelites into the promised land after almost five hundred years. However, he is telling Moses that he can't pass because he disobeyed God.

However, through Moses' failure, God is saying that he is already moving ahead of them and preparing a place for them. Basically, we are free to trust in God to provide for our needs and to ask relentlessly.

As a body, God is asking us to trust his guidance. If he has truly gone before us to work things out for his glory, we need to trust that He isn't leaving our side.

Ask for things in prayer. Read scripture daily. Don't give in to temptations and transplant lies & shame with truth. Get involved in community to fight side-by-side with your brothers and sisters! Always look for ways to give back to others and to invite them into community and a relationship with God.

Practically, set up a prayer plan. Challenge yourself to read at least one chapter of Scripture a day and take notes on it. Then, pray for what you want to see God move in. Pray until you see results. Pray until God breaks down your walls for you to see his fatherly love shine into the broken areas of your life. This is merely an invitation, not an obligation! It's only that way because he loves us.


Author | Brad Schiebel