Close your eyes. Breathe. It'll pass. Just trust me. I am still. I am strong. I am steady. I know what this is like, and I am giving you peace and telling you how to fight instead. You're going to be okay.

We have all been there.

Every one of us can pinpoint at least one single moment in our life where joy seemed to be a far-fetched notion in the reality of our life. One punch, two punches, and then three. Suddenly, we feel like we cannot get up.

Most of the time, the punches taste similar to the last ones. The enemy pulls back and thinks, "Oh, if I could just hit her one more time in this tender area, surely she'll be out." And the blow comes. The darkness clouds our vision for a second. The clock is ticking, the seconds are long. Maybe it's because we were off our guard, distracted by the things of this world. Maybe it happened because we were disregarding the power within our own strength. Or, perhaps we have just been beat up so many times, we had little strength to raise our own fist. Then there are the times when the blow is simple and direct, because the enemy hates what we are doing and will do anything to stop it.

It is true.

"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy…"

But then, there is the second part of the verse.

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10

Because of Jesus, we don't actually have to stay on the ground. And even better, we don't have to wait for someone else to pick us up. Though the Lord will send help time and time again, He ultimately wants to be the one to come close, whisper in our ear, and tell us exactly what to do next. Our head may be pounding, but He gives us direct access to the weaknesses of our opponent through pure faith in the power of the resurrection.

"If Jesus can get up, so can I."

Holding onto faith in who God is and who you are will give you the full amount of strength to win your battle.

He is Elohim, God of incredible power. He is Yahweh, "The Lord" of all things. He is Abba, "Daddy, Father." He is El Elyon, "God Most High." He is El Roi, "The God Who Sees." He is El Shaddai, "God Almighty." He is Yahweh Yireh, "The Lord Will Provide." He is Yahweh Nissi, "The Lord Is My Banner." He is Jehovah Rapha, "Healer, the Lord who heals you." He is Yahweh Shalom, "The Lord is peace."

This means that He is good, and because He is good, we are free.

We are more than conquerors. We have the power to heal and set captives free. We are purified, healed, and made righteous through Him. We are sons and daughters with a divine inheritance. We have the authority to choose Him over sin. We are able to have love, joy, peace, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control, and patience. We are able to hear God and speak to others by Him. We have access to the Holy Spirit and the gifts He stewards in our hearts and minds. We can dream again. We can live again. And most importantly, we are able to experience His presence and walk so dearly close to Him within the journey of our lives.

Sure, there are times when He will carry us.

There are times when He will let us choose to scale a mountain right beside Him, and He will tear down threats that come in the other direction.

Then, there are times when He will tell us to get back on our feet, stand in the face whatever is against us, and tell the thing to move.

Be steadfast in Him. In whichever way He wants to equip you for your current season, you are equipped. In whichever way He wants to equip you for the next season, you will be equipped. Even in past seasons, He has equipped you to stand strong. You are still alive.

And I promise, you will always win with Him.

"In all circumstances take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming darts of the evil one." Ephesians 6:16

Arise, soldier. You aren't finished yet. Don't you remember that I am the God of all things? Pick up your weapons. The enemy's weapons are false. They seem overbearing, life-threatening even, but they actually crack at the weight of my glory. The table I have prepared for you is equipped with the finest metals. Gold and heavenly jewels mark their place in the Kingdom. The weapons I chose for you are the essence of my character: purity, righteousness, nobility, bravery, and honesty. They are brutal to the enemy's schemes.

So, lean back for a second and breathe. Center your eyes like a lion. Be compassionate for your brothers and sisters at your side, but focused to destroy the flaming lies, insults, setbacks, and temptations that the enemy sends over you and your people. Take up your shield of faith and know that I am your God. My fountain quenches the raging fire of the thief. He didn't give you your light, so he can't take it away. Remember that you shine from the inside, and he is simply no match for the power I have invested in you.

Author | Emily Helton