Think back to a time when you wore a pair of shoes that just hurt your feet or didn’t fit correctly. You’re standing there, wishing you could go back home and change. You don’t feel like standing for longer than a few minutes, let alone running around in those uncomfortable shoes.

Okay enough of that.

Now, think about the most comfortable shoes you’ve ever worn. Maybe they’re a nice pair of tennis shoes, or maybe they’re some very supportive boots. Whatever their type, you felt peaceful wearing them, and you were ready to go and do the things you needed to do that day.

I love how the armor metaphor in Ephesians 6 describes your shoes:

“For shoes, put on the peace that comes from the Good News so that you will be fully prepared.”

We get to derive our peace from the knowledge of our salvation. By understanding the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross and believing it for ourselves, we unlock the full level of peace that we have access to through Jesus. When our worth comes from God and not from earthly circumstances, nothing can hold us back anymore from walking the path He set out for us.

I can’t imagine a better pair of shoes for us to have when engaging in spiritual warfare. The peace from God is a perfect fit for each one of us because Jesus died for everyone. It’s comfortable because it never changes, and it puts our worth in eternal places instead of temporal ones on earth.

When we put on the shoes of peace and readiness, we are prepared for battle.

My prayer for you is that you choose to put on these shoes and not some cheap, uncomfortable, earthly shoes that won’t last. Don’t settle for obtaining your comfort from momentary outlets on earth like alcohol or Netflix or sex, because those things aren’t going to equip you for battle. I pray that you have the knowledge and understanding of your salvation to find your peace in Jesus.

(This is all a metaphor of course. You should probably still wear real shoes lol)

Author | Maddie Marsh