In the time of ancient Rome, one of the most crucial pieces of a soldier’s battle armor was his breastplate. A breastplate made of iron tightly bound together by leather straps protects essential internal organs, including the heart and lungs.

Just like the breastplate is important in protecting a Roman soldier’s physical body, the breastplate of righteousness, which Paul mentions in Ephesians 6, is crucial in protecting us from the schemes of the enemy.

In real life terms, wearing the breastplate of righteousness looks like living a life of righteousness, turning from sin and obeying what God asks of us.

The reason God asks us not to continue sinning isn’t because we have to earn relationship with Him by “being good.” It’s because he knows the enemy will try to create separation between us.

When we choose to do something we know we are not supposed to do, it gives the enemy wiggle room to slip lies into our heads and confuse us. It’s as though we are loosening off our breastplate ever so slightly, creating a chink in our armor where the enemies attack can come through.

For example, when you sin, the enemy may attack you with shame and hope that just by placing that type of thought in your head that you would hide from God and think that God wouldn’t want you anymore.

The truth is that Jesus blood covers every sin we have ever or will ever commit, and God wants us to run to Him when we sin and turn to Him for the strength to overcome whatever we may struggle with.

The love, the grace, the mercy and the promises of God always stand true and are always available to us. God never retracts those offers, but if we do not choose to protect ourselves and turn away from sin, we hurt our ability to accept and walk into the good things God has for us.

Wearing the armor of righteousness and choosing to obey God prevents the enemy from being able to get a little foothold in our lives.

Prayer: Father I pray that you would give each of us a new perspective on sin. I ask that you would help us understand the gravity of sin and the importance of obeying you. God I ask that you would help us to understand how separate our value and confidence in salvation is from living righteously, but that walking into the freedom you have for us involves turning from sin. Holy Spirit would you fill us afresh and empower us to live lives free from sin. We love you. Amen.

Author | Lindsey Conway