In this passage, King Solomon's wisdom and fame has started to spread throughout Isreal, and attracted the attention of the Queen of Sheba. She decided to pay him a visit to find out if he lived up to all of the stories she had heard. Sure enough, King Solomon was willing to talk with her about all that she had on her mind, and was able to answer her every question. Once she understood the true depth of his wisdom, and looked around at his palace and all of his riches she was amazed. She then praised him and the Lord in His love for giving His people such a capable ruler. She gave Solomon riches and spices out of deep respect and honor, before returning home to her own country.

In many ways, I believe we can see ourselves in the Queen of Sheba, and God through the wisdom of Solomon. At the end of verse 1 it says, " she came to test him with hard questions." Within each of us there is this burning temptation to test God's goodness, wisdom, and faithfulness-- to raise our hands and say, "I know better," even though we never do.

She arrives in all her own glory and splendor, perhaps in an attempt to show herself to be worthy or better even than King Solomon. What are our own riches and pieces of glory we cling to in effort to think we can stand before the Lord Almighty?

Finally, she actually listens to the wisdom of the Lord through Solomon, and seeing all of his riches and majesty, she was overwhelmed. Awe-struck. Full of wonder. The best this life has to offer is nothing compared to the infinite wisdom, splendor, and glory of God. In verse 7 she says, "I did not believe these things until I came and saw with my own eyes..." She had heard so much, but seeing Solomon's wisdom first-hand was far greater. In the same way, it's encouraging and uplifting to hear testimonies from others about how God is working, but even more so God invites us to have our own experiences with Him.

He wants to captivate us in every way. He's longing to steal our hearts and leave us breathless and amazed. Just like King Solomon satisfied the Queen of Sheba's questions, God has an open offer to satisfy our hearts if we'll just go to Him.


Author | Olivia Beals