Paul mentions how we are subject not only to one heavenly judgment, but also to human judgment here on Earth, regardless of whether or not Earthly judgment is under the authority of Jesus. However, he says we will judge the angels! What?! But, under all of the fancy talk, Paul demands that as followers of Christ, we deal with our own issues within the body, with justice and righteousness, before letting the world judge our shortcomings.

As a Wesley body, this passage is essential. Basically, it is saying for us to refrain from gossip and sin that defiles the body of Christ. If we are involved in sin that defiles the body, we are promoting disunity and dysfunction.

With all of that information, our job therefore is to be as patient and gracious as possible. Yes, we will screw up, and yes, we will sin, but we must submit to the authority of our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers through discipline in secret. As a Wesley body, that means taking issues to our interns, directors, and Bob, because they might have the authority to deal with very specific issues that as students we do not know how to deal with.


Author | Brad Schiebel