In this passage, Paul is comparing a physical body to the body of Christ. A physical body would not be able to function half as well as it does if all of the separate parts did the exact same thing or if some decided to give up on their job. We have ears, legs, elbows, eyes, toes, and so so much more, all for a specific reason. They all work together toward the same goal - a healthy, and well functioning body. The body of Christ works in the same way. There is no part that is unneeded, and it is the specialization that makes the bigger picture so diverse and beautiful.

We can visualize that a physical body fails to function without all of the separate parts working together to create such a well-oiled machine, and furthermore understand that neither can the body of Christ. It takes every single part that God puts in to place for it to function properly. Often times, we may find ourselves feeling insignificant and as though there is absolutely no way God can use us where we are, whether that be physically or spiritually. This passage is an excellent reminder that He can and WILL use you - that His body NEEDS you.

In times when we are feeling worried, or stressed, or as though we could not possibly be good enough, I challenge us to look to this as a reminder. We may tend to compare ourselves to others and notice that we don't look like, sound like, sing like, have the same friends as, or even pray the same way that someone else does. In those moments, though, it is important to step back and notice how crucial it is that we ARE different. We aren't the same as those that we observe around us, and that is what is so beautiful about it all. When we begin to accept this, love on those who are different than us, and learn from those around us, we begin to grow closer as one big unit for Jesus. And that will, ultimately, bring more glory to God's name.


Lord, I pray that when times come where it would be easy for me to feel inferior or as though my life couldn't possibly be used for something greater, that you will remind me of your plan and of your love for every single piece that you have placed in this puzzle. I know that I may not always be able to see the big picture, but I pray that you will guide me in new and uncomfortable experiences that will ultimately draw everyone involved closer to your love and to your plan for their lives. And I pray that You will give us the courage to do so. I ask this all in your precious name, Amen.


Author | Haley Hall