In this passage, Paul informs believers that since the Holy Spirit lives in us upon salvation, and since we have the written Word at our fingertips, we have direct access to God’s mind, and therefore His wisdom. Because of this, we are able to recognize the divide between the beliefs of the world and what is right according to Heaven. This discrepancy between Heaven and earth creates a constant war against each other. It is crucial that we become familiar with the Word of God so we are able to stand firm when the world disagrees with us.

Paul knew that this war would continue until Christ returns, so he challenges us to be so in love with Jesus and so obedient to his instruction that we look foolish to the world. It is then that we know we are truly living righteously. Our job as believers is to bring Heaven down in our thoughts, actions, and love. Others will call us naive and foolish to have such hope, forgiveness, faith, and unconditional love, but it is then that we know that the Spirit is at work in us.

The church needs to be prepared and willing to look like fools for the expansion of the Kingdom. It’s time that we care more about being obedient to God and less about what other people will think/say about us. Obviously there is a difference between standing firm in our beliefs and forcing them on other people. Paul isn't calling us to drag everyone to church against their will or lecture others on how sinful their lifestyles are. It's not our job to make decisions for other people. He simply states that we, in our own lives, need to hold onto our faith in a world that will constantly make us feel like we are crazy.

The way you radically love people, the hope that you hold onto in the darkest moments, and the forgiveness that you extend when people least deserve it, will make people ask questions. Think about how strange those things seem in a world that doesn't know Jesus. Step out of your comfort zone, and stay true to what the scripture says. Be willing to look like a fool in how you love Him, and in the lengths you go to love other people.


Author | Meredith Ashburn