Paul wants the Corinthian church to know that they follow Jesus, not Apollos or himself. Paul did a lot of work and mission for the people in Corinth, as well did Apollos, and there was often competition and rivalry between who everyone was taught and discipled by. Disciples of Paul would often brag that they learned from Paul, and there would be jealousy and strife in the church. Paul wanted to emphasize that he and Apollos are on the same team, and neither should get credit for what God did in the Corinthians' lives.

This issue that Paul addresses is not absent from the church today. It can be very easy for us to brag about the church we grew up in, or our denomination, or even who disciples us. We can be grateful for the people that God has placed in our lives that teach us, but Paul writes that we must be ultimately grateful to God. Inversely, it can be easy for pastors or churches or ministries to compete with one another, but it is God's will that we would be all unified as we do the work that God has called us to do. What is Wesley? What is Cru? What is RUF? Each campus ministry is one with the same goal, to see students' lives changed by the living God.

Because it is God that causes growth, we can all be united in that one glorious fact. This campus is God's field, and He has placed many different laborers with many different roles here to bring the gospel to this city. Because of the unity that Jesus brings, believers on the campus can all work together to see God do big things here.


Author | Hunter MacInnis