In this passage, the Peter says that the people and the world around us will reject us. It's just a fact of following Jesus. For a while, it will be tough, as Jesus never promised anything that resulted from following him was going to be easy. Additionally, falling back into sin once we come to experience salvation could be even worse for us than if we ever met Jesus in the first place, which is scary. However, it is also an encouraging note to help us take our next steps. This passage means as long as we continue to have our eyes fixed on the cross, the entanglements of the world will NOT overcome us.

First, we accept the depravity of our lives without Christ. We are broken and imperfect, but through his love, sacrifice, and resurrection, so are we similarly loved, killed, and resurrected. Next, forgiveness comes. Release the debts people should owe you so that you can have peace. Once you make the decision to forgive people who have wronged you, an invitation is sent to God to move in areas that you couldn't even think of changing. Then, prayerfully take every day as it comes, and always with the strength of Jesus.

His love will never fail us, which is so exciting. And he is creative in his ways to help us: no two solutions will be the exact same, which makes the journey that much more adventurous.


Author | Brad Schiebel