Within this passage, Peter knows that his death is approaching and wants to remind them of what has already been written in the Scriptures. Peter’s goal is to remind them of the truth that they already know. He wants to encourage them to remember and these truths and to grab ahold of them. He talks about how He actually saw the true majesty of Jesus, and he heard God say, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.” Peter also reminds them that on top of what he actually witnesses, they also have the prophecy of the coming of Jesus to hold onto as a light and hope in the darkness of the world they currently live in.

This passage applies to us because it shows us how important it is for us to remember and embrace the truth that God has already spoken to us. Scripture is important because it has truths within it that God has already given us and prophecies of what is coming. We need to continue to stand firm on the truth that we already know, and ask God to continue to reveal truth to us. Even though we know the truth, it will not always be easy for us to believe it. It is important for us to stand firm in truth and constantly declare it and remind ourselves of the truth we know because our flesh and the world will try to convince us otherwise.

In order to put this passage into practice, some next steps you can take would be the write down truths that God has revealed to you. Write down different truths about God and different truths about what He has to say about who you specifically are. One great place to start when declaring truths about God is 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Because He is love, He is also all of these things within the passage. When going through and writing down different truths, if there are any that you realize are hard to believe, start to declare the truth and ask God what He has to tell you about Himself specifically regarding that truth. Continue to declare the truths God has revealed to you.


God, I thank you for the truths in your scripture. I thank you for the way that you have revealed yourself to me. I thank you that you do not change based on circumstances, but rather that you are always the same. God, please remind me the truths that I can stand firm on that you have revealed to me. God, what are the truths about you that I struggle to believe?


Author | Jamie Cherf