The first part of this passage puts an emphasis on our elders. Elders have seen more suffering as well as more glory that younger people have yet to experience. The elders are called to guide the flock around them by example and not by being assertive, which is the way we all want to guide those around us. When we are younger, we are subject to our elders. Everyone, younger people and elders, be sure to clothe yourself with humility for one another because God gives grace to the humble.

We humble ourselves in turn to later be exalted by God, whenever it is His timing. God wants us to cast all of our anxieties onto Him and to trust Him with them, because He cares for us so deeply. At the same time, we have to be watchful because the enemy wants to tell us that God doesn't care for us, and that we are alone in our suffering. When you feel the enemy is telling you this, remember that we are never alone in our suffering, other people are always sharing in our struggles all over the world. Our Father is a God of restoration, and suffering always ceases. After the suffering He restores you, confirms you, strengthens you, and establishes you.This passage gives us insight on leadership and suffering. It shows us that when we are a leader, we are not leading out of obligation but instead we are willing. We are willing to be an example for the body of Christ and not be assertive towards those around us.

In regards to our suffering, Jesus wants us to know that we are never alone in them. He wants to take them from us, to restore us. Not only that, but there are people all over the world who share in your troubles at all times.What does it look like for you when you are suffering? Is it sometime hard for you to cast your anxieties and worries onto God? Or is it hard for you to remember that others around you share in those anxieties? God never wants us to feel alone, or feel like He doesn't care about your struggles, no matter the size. When you are worried or anxious, as God to take those worries from you. Remember that He loves you and cares for you so deeply, and that is why He wants you to trust Him with your worries.


Father, thank you for your grace and restoration. Thank you for never wanting me to feel alone. When I am feeling worried, remind me that you want to take those worries from me. Remind me time and time again until it is so engrained in me that I always come to you first with my anxieties. Help me to clothe myself with humility so that I can be an example of your grace towards others.


Author | Savannah Shaw