In this passage, Peter is defining what it looks like to live as new people of God. He starts off by listing things to stay away from, like deceit and hypocrisy, and he tells us what to pursue instead; that is, the Word of God ("pure spiritual milk"). Peter wants Christians to grow up into their identity that is given by Christ, and he goes on to remind the church who they are. They are "living stones" that are "being built up"; "a holy nation, a people for his own possession"; "God's people". Peter reminds them of this so that they may "proclaim the excellencies of him" who saved them!

If we really know who Christ is and who we are, that should radically change the way that we live. If we understand that Jesus is the cornerstone, the foundation of everything, then we will build our entire lives upon that rock, and we "will not be put to shame." When we are saved, our lives should change completely, and Peter gives us a little insight into what that life change should look like. Because Jesus has conquered death, and he is the living stone, the cornerstone, we can live with confidence and in victory.

As we read this passage, we become more aware of the things on which we choose to build our own lives. By going back to the Word, we are reminded of how much we need God and where our lives should be centered. Even as we continue to grow through reading the Bible and pursuing relationship with him, we should never stop because there is always more to learn about who God is and what he has for us.


Thank you for who you are and everything you have done for us. We thank you that you have saved us and that you are so present and active in our lives. Would you give us the grace to live as a holy nation? Would you give us the strength to endure through trials? Would you remind us everyday that you are God and would we find joy in that? We love you and we need you. Amen.


Author | Hunter MacInnis