In this passage, the story is being told of Moses and the time he was instructed by God to lead the people from Egypt to the promised land. When God speaks to Moses, he begins to reprimand the Israelites and He tells Moses to let them know that they are a group of hard-headed people. The Israelites choose to strip themselves of their jewelry before they continue their journey toward the land of milk and honey. Moses then speaks of the tent that he used to meet God in and speak with Him, as the other people stood at attention outside of their tents.

Moses speaks of one specific time in the tent when he came to God and asked him why He tells him that he is so special and asks him to lead His people yet he won't let him in on his plans. Moses believes that if he knew the big picture of God's plans, he would understand why he is so special to God and he would continue to be special. God replies that his presence will lead the way on this journey and Moses replies with the fact that if God is for some reason not leading this, he wants it to end immediately. He questions how he and the people can know for sure that God is with them, and to this God replies that one must simply trust and know that His presence will pass right in front of them, for no one can both see Him and live.

This directly applies to how we live life with God now that Jesus' time on Earth has come and gone. We must live with a blind faith. We have to rely on our FAITH that He is there and that he hears each and every one of our prayers. Similarly, we may find ourselves called by the Lord to take on things that seem way out of our reach or like something that we would never be able to accomplish. It is in these times that we must remember that only God can see the bigger picture. He is the one who has everything planned out and knows exactly what will happen and how we will handle situations.

When times are tough and we feel as though we may be way out of our league with what God has called us to do, we must remember that He would never call us to something that He wasn't absolutely sure we were capable of handling. We may not be capable by our own power, but through Him we can do anything He calls us to. It is also important for us to remember that we serve an almighty, powerful, and extremely wise God who knows what the absolute best for us is. Though we may think we could be more useful if we knew every part of His plan and exactly how we were supposed to execute it, He calls us to simply trust in Him, for He knows much more than we ever could. He calls us to have faith that He has everything under control.


Dear Lord,
We thank you for this day and for all that you carry us through each and every day. We come to you today with all of our stresses and all of our worries and all of our doubts and ask that you just immediately take those off of our shoulders. We pray that today you give us a humble heart and remind us that you are an all-knowing, mighty and powerful God who knows everything we are going to do before we do it. I pray that you will give us peace in knowing that you only call us to what we are capable of through you, and if we fully rely on you, you can and will carry us through anything. I pray that you give us the strength to be able to defend your name, though we may never see your face, and that we may defend it with all of our hearts, for there is nothing that could be more powerful and more deserving of our lives. Thank you again, Lord. And we ask this all in Jesus' name, Amen.


Author | Haley Hall