Paul is stating the importance of Jesus' righteousness being used to cover our sins. Additionally, he talks about why reconciliation is so important. Reconciliation is crucial because Jesus gives us the choice of whether or not we choose to turn away from sin and become an example for his glory. Paul emphasizes how important it is for sin itself to be destroyed.

Reconciliation is crucial in the process of redemption. The first step in the redemption process is forgiveness. That either comes from you forgiving someone else, or you having the humility to ask for forgiveness for a past wrong. The second step is reconciliation, which doesn't necessarily mean restoring the friendships you once had or relationships that once caused you to sin; it simply means we must adapt our views of the world to match up with Christ's. But trusting him with our world views and views of God the Father.

In the redemption process, the first two steps are only ones we can take. The third and final step in the redemption process is restoration. That is only something God can and will do. However, we must ask him for it and surrender everything we have to him. This is a practical step. Surrender happens in many different categories of our lives, but every surrender must have the same characteristic: give to God and die to self.


Author | Brad Schiebel