In this passage, Paul is explaining the difference between our earthly body and eternal body. He explains that in our current bodies we grow weary, but our eternal bodies will be completely perfect. Paul reminds us that the Holy Spirit inside of us is guarantee of what is to come in eternity. We are able to not fear death, but rather look forward to eternity with Christ.

Paul wrote about this matter to the church at Corinth because many people in the church struggled with understanding the concept of resurrection and spending eternity with Christ. Paul is explaining to the church that the body and soul are not separated at death. Rather, we will continue to have our identity in our resurrected body. As humans we know that death is inevitable, and can be a scary thought.

However, the more we rest in the truth that we will get to spend eternity with Christ, fear will be replaced with peace. Not only will we get to spend forever with our Creator, we will get to do so in our resurrected bodies that will be perfect, without sickness, disease, or pain. Take some time today to think about what it will be like to be in eternity with Christ in a completely perfect body. Ask God, if you have any fears about death. If anything comes to mind, allow Him to speak to you about what He says is true regarding eternity with Him.


Author | Jamie Cherf