One of the ways we can live our lives the way Jesus intended is to give generously. Paul explains that giving is a way we can show grace to those around us. Because of this, he doesn't classify giving as a command, but rather a way to show our love for others - we should want to give so much to others that it is a desire rather than a burden. In turn, when we allow our abundance to help those in need, those who we help will share their abundance with us one day, too. Paul wants us to know that giving generously is one of the greatest ways to spread the love of God.

God calls us to help one another as we aren't meant to live independently. Even if we believe in the Lord and read our bibles and attend church, we aren't living the life God intended if we aren't helping each other. We all fall into a time of need at one point or another in our lives, and the grace and generosity of someone else can make a big difference in how we make it through difficult seasons. It's important to give to others, whether that be with money or time or simply as a listening ear, because no one should have to go through a hard time alone. To support one another is to love one another and to love one another in this way is what Jesus intended. When we can give each other grace, we can allow another's struggles to subside, which is a wonderful gift to give.

Giving to others can look like a lot of things. We can give monetarily to a church, ministry, or person. We can voluntarily give our time by discipling, leading small groups, or doing mission work. We can give by simply listening to someone else explain what they're struggling with and just be a friend in a time of need. When we hear the word "give" or "generosity" in a Christian setting, it's easy to quickly think it only means donating to the ministry or church, but really, giving can mean so much more. Giving is just another way of showing love and grace to others, which in turn, spreads the love of Jesus.


Author | Caitlin Cooper