Many times, our breaks take us out of the rhythm of seeking God. We go home, maybe stay up late watching Netflix or searching through Facebook for something we can share with others, sleep in too late, and never really get to that plan we made to spend time in prayer and the Word each day. If that was you, you aren’t the only one - no matter what your roommates want you to think. And the truth is, there’s nothing terrible about a break like that. Honestly, some of us might look at that break and think it is a dream. A break like that could have been a whole lot better than the break you had. That’s because the worst thing a break can involve isn’t too much YouTube or a bad sleep schedule or not knowing where your Bible is except for on Sunday mornings. Sometimes our breaks are filled with experiences we wish didn’t happen and hope to soon forget.


Regardless of how your break was, you have the chance to make this semester the best it can be and that starts with today. Jesus told the crowds that followed Him, listening to His teaching, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, today has enough trouble of it’s own.” I think He would tell us the same thing about yesterday - don’t worry about it, we have enough to focus on today. You’re not going to get anywhere wishing your break was different. You’re going to get somewhere by pursuing Jesus today and the things He has for you today.


A lot of times, first semester is easy. You come back to Athens excited about the year, ready to start Wesley, and passionate about what God wants to do. Second semester it’s time to push, time to dig deep. You might not have gotten out of first semester what you wanted to get and you want to quit. Or, you may be perfectly satisfied with what you got and think you can take this semester off. Either way, don’t give up. Whether you’re dissatisfied with last semester or a little too satisfied, push past that thought or feeling that put you in that place. God has big things He wants to do in your life this semester and all He needs you to do is show up and be willing to let Him work. How can I say that so confidently? Because we have a big God, willing and able to do big things. The question isn’t what is He going to do; it is what are going to let Him do.


Give yourself to Him and He will give Himself to you. When that happens, your life will be changed.