Last night at Wesley, things got real. Using the story of the Good Samaritan, we discussed what it looks like for Christians to love people authentically, and what we can do to fight the things that keep us from loving others well. The main takeaways of the night were:


  1. The two greatest commandments are to love God and to love people as ourselves. Thus, to live well is to love well.  

  2. As we can see in the Samaritan who stopped to help the man, love believes that people matter… not just the people that we like or agree with.

  3. We cannot predict when people will need our love, so we must learn to be okay with interruption.

  4. Love is an action, not always a feeling.


I told you, things got real. After hearing Bob say those truths, every single person in the room left feeling challenged. The reality is, we all have good intentions to love people well, but in the moments when it is inconvenient we fail to follow through.


Where do we go from here? We start seeking out opportunities to love even when we do not feel like it. Start with the people right in front of you, and then the more you grow in loving (the action) in the absence of love (the feeling), your lifestyle will begin to align with your faith.


We love you guys! You got this!

Wesley Staff