Love is.


Love covers a multitude of sins instead of avenging them.


Love reinforces foundations but breaks down walls.


Love does not fix problems, but it makes them fixable.


Love knows only one language: for better or for worse.


Love says yes when it is hard and no when it hurts.


Love knows no bounds but abides within boundaries.


Love unties the impossible with the simple.


Love cannot exist apart from God because God is love.


Love is the currency of God’s economy, and Christians have been given access to the only vault in the bank. His invitation stands to all who will receive, “Come and have all of me. Come revel in the riches of something that money could never buy. My love is yours to freely give and freely receive.”


This metaphorical “currency” is not merely a state of mind or a warm feeling; love is an action and a choice. The ironic thing about love is, its power to transform is most evident when it is the hardest to give. The miracle of love is always worth the pain of leaving our pride because what pride is meant to accomplish, love completes in less time with less mess.


Love never gives up, and love works.


  • Bailey Meyne