We all love Wednesdays.


We love the symphony of voices and laughter that grows in volume from 7:45 - 8:07. We love the goosebumps that fill our arms when the room encounters God's presence during worship. We love the sight of raised hands, and everyone unashamedly laying themselves down at the feet of Jesus. We all shake our heads at Bob's dad humor and lean in when his passion for God becomes uncontainable, causing him to raise his voice. Finally, we love when God speaks through Bob, revealing a truth through him that can begin to change our lives forever.


Wednesday Night is the most anticipated time of the week for the Wesley Body. But, how do we continue to experience that same intimacy and growth with God on the others days of the week?


This is why we have created the Wednesday Night Recap. The purpose of this weekly post is to give you the tools you need to help propel you to a place of self-sustainable hunger for God. Every week we will provide you with the main points of Bob's message, questions you can ask yourself to dig deeper, and different tools/challenges that will help you put what God showed you Wednesday night into practice in your everyday life. The WNR will be simple, sweet, and, most importantly, practical.


You matter. And your personal growth matters to us beyond Wednesday nights.  


  • Wesley Staff