We talk about the miracles God preformed for the Israelites as if they’re nothing. We’ve heard the story of the Red Sea since we’ve been old enough to understand. We all vaguely know about the pillar of fire that led them through the desert, and we’ve heard about manna and quail falling from the sky. 

If we take a second to actually study the Israelites, I think the Lord has some revelatory things to show us about how He likes to interact with His people. After what could probably be considered the craziest week of their lives, God led a group of people who had only ever known slavery with a promise of freedom. They walked with their possessions in hand through desert they didn’t know to an unknown land they had only heard about. Finally after days of wandering without food, something like bread drops from the sky, and they’re given permission to eat it.

Can you imagine if we read Scripture like the Israelites must have devoured that manna when they first saw it? 

Spiritual hunger acts a lot like physical hunger. I plan my entire day around my meals, making sure I have food prepared and time to eat it. And, I’m more likely to eagerly anticipate my meals if I’m excited for the food I have to eat. Likewise, spiritual hunger is what draws us into the secret place and to Scripture. I’m usually at my most apathetic spiritually when I’m not believing the Lord has a satisfying meal waiting for me. The Israelites didn’t have to do anything special to hunt for the manna. All they had to do was gather it, and the same applies for us. 

“The more you labor in the word, the more adept you’ll become at gathering the daily portion that will satisfy your soul.”

Community is amazing. Sermons and podcasts are intended to spur us forward. Books and commentaries are incredible resources. But, there is something powerful and intimate that the Lord can only say to you in the secret place. Give yourself to manna gathering on your own, and you’ll be shocked by how all those other outlets come alive as a result.

Brittany Futch, Prayer