When was the last time you were desperate? Desperate for water, rest, or emotional connection? When was the last time you were desperate for God? It is a funny thing, being desperate for God. To a certain degree, it feels out of our control because desperation is usually produced by circumstances. That is where the Holy Spirit comes in.


Because we cannot force desperation in our hearts, God is more than willing to intervene and do it for us! But be prepared, because a desperate person is abandoned to all other things besides the object of their affection. And when you are desperate for Jesus, all the other good things in life will begin to pale in comparison to being connected to Him! I love how Bob calls this a “dangerous prayer” but then immediately follows it with the reminder that there is NOTHING to be scared of because “perfect love casts out all fear”!

Sorge uses the example of the woman who had been bleeding for years and was desperate for healing. She was so single-minded, so convinced that Jesus was the solution to ALL of her problems, that no societal/cultural rule could keep her from reaching out to touch the hem of his robe. Remember that Jesus was not angry that he was touched by an unclean woman - rather, he was well-pleased by her faith and determination!

If we are willing, God will make us desperate for Him. He loves it when our hearts cry out because we want to love Him more. Although that process may include tough circumstances, if we can remember that GOD IS WORTH it and brings good out of everything, we will be able to endure with Him through all things.

Consider this quote from Sorge today - “While none of us asks God for hardship, we cannot deny that hardship produces desperation, which in turn produces intense intimacy.”

Bailey Meyne, DL