The summer months are upon us and it is really easy to allow these 9-12 weeks to disappear before you know it, you then realize that all you’ve done is lay around all day, hang out with friends, or work, yet you may not have actually done anything fun or exciting.  Sometimes your circumstances won’t allow you to take one of those big cross-country road trips we always hear about, but I’m here to tell you about the importance of getting out and doing something spontaneous and fun, like an adventure.

    We all think that adventures require lots of money, time, and preparations for us to feel like it’s something that is worthwhile; but I believe that it can be quite the opposite.  Adventures are just simply following the want of your heart, and getting out of the house to do something about it.  Some of my favorite college memories were the one or two day trips that I spent huddled in a tent with a few of my friends while we ate hot dogs, drank bad coffee, and afterwards made up our own frisbee golf course. If you’re able to, plan a trip to another state to see the national parks that are set aside for campers/hikers; break up the summer whirlwind with trips into nature that slow things down and allow you to appreciate the world that God created for us to enjoy!


Here’s a few list of hikes/waterfalls to check out this summer!

And as always, you can go to the beach!

Josh DeRamus