Wanna know the secret to boredom? It happens. Can we all drop the façade that time with the Lord is always spectacularly amazing and admit that sometimes it’s annoyingly boring? 

I don’t know that there’s ever a solution to prevent dry days with God. Even the disciples fell asleep while praying, and Jesus admits that our flesh is weak even when our spirit is willing.

Just like we need to stop talking about time with God through rose-colored glasses, we also need to stop the guilt and condemnation game that plays in our mind when we sleep through quiet time. The Lord isn’t angry when a speckle on my wall is more entertaining than a psalm I’m reading, but He does want more for us. 

So, how do we make it better?

Persevere and ask for help. 

The Holy Spirit is described in John 16 as the spirit of Truth, meaning He came to reveal the truth about Jesus to the early church. That promise applies to you too. The Spirit is in your quiet time to usher you into God’s presence just like He is in corporate worship settings to do the same. If you’re having a particularly difficult time focusing on God’s presence, you’re allowed to ask for eyes to see Him more clearly. The whole purpose of spending time in the secret place is to get to know God better, and the way to position your heart to be in awe of God is to actually know who He is.

Brittany Futch, Prayer