When it comes to spending time with God, most people’s struggle is deciding to start, much less knowing when to finish. How often do we think about “finishing well” in our time with God? It is an interesting concept because, to a certain degree, interruptions to our secret place are out of our control. That is why Chapter 22 - The Secret to Finishing - speaks only to the times when we can choose when to end our intentional time with God in the Secret Place.

If you are anything like me, as soon as a distraction hits you, you are ready to go. If something I want to put on my grocery list, a text I need to send, or something I want to read on the news crosses my mind, I am usually done. It takes everything in me to ignore that thought and remain focused on God, so I usually end up abruptly cutting myself off from Him and moving on to the next part of my day. Now, there is no condemnation for being like that, but there is an art to learning self-control so that we leave the secret place on God’s terms rather than our own. What if we waited until God released us? Until we had a sense in our heart that He was prompting us to go live in what He showed us for that day? We could enter into our days with a deep connection to God instead of having a feeling of longing for more time with Him!


“Do not be hasty to go from his (the king’s) presence.” Ecclesiastes 8:3

Let us be people so in love with God that we purposely drag our feet when we have to leave time with Him.

Bailey Meyne, DL