Ch. 16 - The Secret of Time

    One of the most common phrases I hear from my Christian friends (and myself) is, “I need to spend more time with God.” Depending on who the speaker is and what their relationship with God is like, this statement is either spoken from a place of guilt or a place of deep desire to connect with God.



    What Sorge wants us to know is, if we will sow into time with God even when it feels pointless, we will eventually start to crave the secret place instead of spending time with God out of a place of guilt.


For those who are still wrestling with the “should” aspect of spending time with God, Sorge reminds to take into account God’s grace! This means that, because of Jesus, we cannot do anything to gain or lose God’s love. God in never disappointed in us because we do not spend time with Him… He simply does not want us to miss out on all of the gifts He wants to give us that day because focused time with God is a guaranteed way to make sure that you are open and ready to receive all His goodness for you in life!


    We have a choice to say yes or no to guilt about our relationship with God. Today, decide to say no, because Jesus died so you would never have to feel shame and so you could freely approach the throne of God’s grace with confidence. The most you say no to guilt, the more room you will have in your heart and mind to say YES to the peace of God’s presence in your life, every day & all the time.

Bailey Meyne