Anticipating Christ’s return sounds like a really lofty task. It sounds like something we hear theology lessons on but don’t actually practice. And to be honest, for most of us it is.  

Let’s strip away all the complicated Christian-ese, and simply recognize that Jesus has called us as a body to watch. It’s not a pressure-packed command; it’s an invitation to witness and discern what the Lord is doing in the world in our generation. 

Discernment can look like a lot of different things. Take a day to set aside prayer requests and reading plans to simply ask God what He’s doing in our town, state, or country. The next time you get worked up about something you see on the news, ask the Lord what you’re supposed to do with that excitement instead of just brushing it aside. 

The point is, you don’t have to be a media mogul to be an alert, discerning Christian. It simply takes cultural awareness, self awareness, and a willingness to ask God where He is in the middle of all that. It’s only through the Holy Spirit that we can grow our discernment (Philippians 1:9), so the pressure is on Him anyway. 

The Lord wants us to know what He’s doing and how He’s working. He’s not asking you to piece together an insane riddle; He just wants you to be active and willing. 

The best news is that we are waiting and hoping for the return of the one that loves you beyond measure and beyond comparison. We get to wait with the same excitement and anticipation as a bride looking forward to her wedding day.

Brittany Futch, Prayer