If you’re trekking with us so far, we’ve determined that having a personal, consistent time with the Lord is important. Simple enough. Yet somehow most of us get caught up in distractions and apathy that keep us from being as disciplined as we’d like in our time with God, so Sorge promises to unlock the secrets to getting us there. 

He opens the chapter with a verse from Matthew 6, just before Jesus introduces the Lord’s prayer during the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus offers two clear actions to establish the concept of personal prayer: “go into your room, close the door.” So essentially, He teaches us where to pray before He teaches us how to pray. 

Sorge suggests Jesus emphasizes the setting of our prayers because no matter what or where our secret place is, God is already there with us. All we have to do is shut the door.

“Your Father is already in the secret place. He has gone ahead of you; He is waiting for you.”

What does closing the door to your secret place look like for you? What does it mean to enter into that immediate intimacy with God? According to Sorge, all it takes is recognizing God is there with you.

-Brittany Futch, prayer