All year you’ve been attending Wesley or Freshley (or both) and it’s been EASY to stay involved and connected to the community of believers in your city. AND NOW…  it’s summer break. Summer = sunburns, vacations, and new communities. You’re about to spend 12 long weeks either back in your home town (reliving your high school years) or in a new and unfamiliar city working as a camp counsellor/summer intern. And the remaining handful of you who are staying right here in the classic city will see the average population of Athens drop by 75%. Regardless of where you’ll be this summer, your community will look drastically different. And being apart from your normal community makes it easy to become  d i s c o n n e c t e d.  Attending a local church helps prevent that.


1. Biblical Teaching and Guidance:  STAY CONNECTED TO THE WORD

A local church is a great place to soak up new teaching during the summer. If you don’t already have a local church, focus on finding a church with a pastor who’s teaching you really respect & enjoy.  For many students, summer becomes a season marked with lax judgements and morals (aka: you begin to do the stupid things that you used to do in high school). Submitting yourself to the teaching of a local pastor will help to keep you focused on The Lord and remember what he has established in you throughout the school year.

2. Corporate Prayer and Worship:  STAY CONNECTED TO THE LORD

Why is it so important to pray and worship corporately? Couldn’t you just do it at home on your own time? You could… but you would miss all the benefits of gathering with fellow believers. Worshipping/praying together does a few things… 1) Jesus says that where two or more are gathered, his spirit will be present with them. 2) When we are feeling dry or lethargic towards God, the excitement and fervor of others will awaken our hearts and draw us back towards him. 3) Finally we are mutually encouraged, strengthened and consoled by our community when we gather together.

3. Community With other Believers:  STAY CONNECTED TO THE BODY

God did not create us to be alone; He created us for community. And He designed The Church to be a body of believers that fosters community. It is nearly impossible to seek after God in a healthy way when you are isolated; but as believers we THRIVE when we are connected to other believers. This week make a plan to attend a local church WITH SOMEONE. If you’re at home ask your parents, siblings or high school friends to come with you. If you’re in a new city, ask the Lord to show you who to ask. If you’re in Athens then you’re in luck because SUMMER WESLEY STARTS ON JUNE 8TH!

-Devon McCoy, media