This summer, Wesley Staff will be posting weekly blogs on the book Secrets of the Secret Place by Bob Sorge. We believe that, if you will give yourself to the content of SotSP, your personal relationship with God (the one that comes out when you are alone) will be deeply transformed in life-altering ways. This book is that inspirational, that piercing, and that good at giving practical steps on how to go WAY deeper with God than you even knew to ask for.

We are so excited to share our thoughts with you on each chapter, and would love to hear your questions/ideas as well! Please feel free to contact the writer or comment on the blog with anything you want to add or ask. That being said, let’s go ahead and dive in…

Chapter 1: The Secret of Saying Yes

The main goal of this chapter could be summed up in one sentence,

    My earnest prayer is that with each devotional you will regain a renewed momentum… to pursue the greatest pearl of the human existence- a personal, intimate, passionate, living relationship with the glorious Creator of the universe.

The entire purpose of SotSP is to help us view our relationship with God as the most important and enjoyable thing we invest in. Bob’s goal for us is that simple; he wants us to crave time in the secret place with God, and to see it as the most purposeful way to spend our time on earth. Now, Sorge does not pretend to be perfect; if anything, because he identifies with the struggle with distractions and apathy towards the secret place, he is that much more equipped to give secrets to help us choose time with God instead! To close Chapter 1, Sorge uses Cornelius of Acts Chapter 10 to illustrate to that,

    The call of God burning in your breast will be uncontainable and unstoppable as you devote yourself to the fiery passion of intimate communion with the Lover of your soul.

Translation: God’s will for your life will flow freely through you and in you as you give yourself to seeking to connect with Him in the Secret Place. If that does not get you fired up, I am not sure what will! Don’t we all want God to do God-sized things in us and through us? Well, devotion to the Secret Place is the way.

Things to think about today:

  1. What does your time alone with God look like? What does your time with God surrounded by people look like? Are they different? If so, why?

  2. What motivates you to spend quality time with God? What distracts you or makes you apathetic?

  3. If you looked at your life from an outside perspective, where does the best of your time/energy go to?

  4. What do you want God to do in you this summer? Tell him, and ask Him to make you ready to receive all He wants to give you!

Please contact me with any questions or comments!

Bailey Meyne, DL