One phrase I hear most often from college students is, “I am so tired”. In a stage of life when some say college students are more free than they ever will be post-grad, how is it possible for so many of us to be exhausted? Is God okay with this?


Last night at Wesley we discussed God’s promise to give us rest, and how anxiety about the outcomes of our life can steal our peace. Concern about the outcome of our efforts in life, rather than the effort itself, are the source of anxiety for the majority of people. Thus, Bob’s main takeaway for the message was, if we will focus on being faithful with what is right in front of us, God is more than capable of taking care of the outcomes beyond us!



So how do we trust God with the outcomes? Matthew 11 tells us all we need to know.


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”



What this verse is saying is, if we will learn to come to God with our anxieties instead of trying to talk ourselves out of them, he will reassure us that the outcomes of our life are safe in his hands. For some, bringing anxiety to God looks like getting a discipler, seeing a counselor, or going to a psychiatrist… Whatever it takes, God has provided all of the resources necessary to help us get free from non-stop thoughts.


Then, once we give God access to our hearts, we can “switch yokes” with Him. This simply means that we can exchange the desire to control the outcome of our life with the “yoke” of trusting God to work everything for our good.


Finally, when we are open to God and surrendered, we can walk in the kind of rest that He always intended for our lives.


Rest is worth it. Peace is worth it. Exchange and be free.