At Wesley, the mood amongst the students was unique. After the election results rolled in Wednesday morning, everyone just needed a second. We needed a second to take a deep breath, and we needed space to acknowledge our response to the results as well as how others were feeling.


    Addressing the elephant in the room, Bob started off the night by offering perspective and hope to those who were not sure how the Church should respond to the election. First and foremost, he apologized on behalf of his generation; the generation above us did not set a good example for how to respond to those who do not share our political persuasion, and our generation needs to set the bar higher in the future. When we disagree, we should engage one another in healthy conversation- we cannot attack others and expect any progress.


    Second, Bob encouraged us to examine our hearts and see who we are putting our hope in. If our hope is in our candidate getting elected, than we will find ourselves in a place of disillusionment and bitterness if that candidate does not win. If our hope is in God, than we can fully accept the way we feel about the election results, but those emotions will not be able to steal our love, joy, or peace.


    Finally, the Church must show humility and grace to one another now more than ever. Acknowledging that the Wesley student body represents a wide variety of political persuasions, Bob challenged us to not let disagreement cause disunity. He reminded us that more than we need to be right, the body of Christ needs to be one. And when Christians are willing to set the new standard for unity, we can influence the worldview of those around us.


In these circumstances, is it hard to be humble? Absolutely. Will we have moments of hopelessness, fear, or anger? Without a doubt. But the Spirit of God that is within Conservative, Moderate, and Liberal Christians alike can enable us to do all things. By God’s power we can “make allowance for each other’s faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others” (Colossians 3:13). These times will shape our country in the years to come, so we must choose to play our part by sowing into unity and peace.


We love you guys, and please reach out to anyone on staff if you want to talk about how the election results have impacted you!


You Matter,


Wesley Staff