We all know what it is like to be desperate for freedom. Whether it is from bad habits, addictions, or haunting thoughts, we all know what it means to want to be free, but maybe not all of us know how to get there. Last night at Wesley, we talked about what realistic expectations are for walking in the freedom that God promises us.


First, what exactly does God promise us about freedom?



If God sanctifies us, what are we responsible for?


  • As we choose to believe and fight, we open up ourselves to the Holy Spirit… which is the tool God uses to set us free.


What do you mean believe?


  • In the fight for freedom, we must choose to believe that “what is impossible with man, is possible with God”. Also, the more we choose to believe that God wants to help us (instead of leaving us to get free on our own), the easier it will be to surrender that addiction/habit/struggle to God.


What do you mean fight?


  • Typically, people will have a breakthrough moment of freedom, but if they are faced with the struggle again, they become discouraged. However, when we remember that freedom is a lifestyle, not a moment, we will be empowered to stand back up no matter how many times we fall.


As we learn to believe & fight, God will release more and more freedom into our lives. The process is never easy, but as we learn to rely on Him and to not be discouraged by setbacks, freedom will be deposited into our hearts in a way that we could never do on our own.


He is faithful, and He will do it.


We love you!

Wesley Staff