Ever been in the prayer chapel when your peaceful moment of solitude was completely interrupted by a loud horde of people taking over what moments ago felt like your secret place?


If you’re anything like me, those moments elicit one response: a quick exit.


I’m not trying to make you feel guilty for any bad vibes you’ve thrown their way, but those loud, seemingly invasive people are actually there to enhance your prayer time, not hurt it. Every week, Wesley staff and students lead prayer rooms that are meant to create a space to engage with God’s heart for our campus.


They’re there to lead you through what an hour and a half of worship and prayer can look like. There will be guided prayer topics lead by one of our interns, and live worship to complement what we’re praying through. Come for some of it, come for all of it. Engage in intercession or soak with the Lord.


Our heart for these prayer rooms is actually pretty simple. We pray for our campus because the students of UGA are worth it. We worship the Lord because He’s worth it. And, we think it’s just a little bit easier to intentionally pray for our city when you’re surrounded by other people doing the same thing. Plus...the live worship is a nice perk.

So stop by when you have a break in your classes, after discipleship, or for a second to catch your breath during the day. Consider it an open invitation.